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Projects (check back soon for photos of the gardens!)

The Glowing Body Yoga Studio and Raw Cafe

This container garden full of herbs and edible flowers is made from repurposed 55 gallon drums, galvanized and powder-coated in bright shades of red, orange, and yellow. A tribute to the historic Color-ama Building; you can still see the old sign painted on the bricks. The building also houses Magpies Bakery, where you can find the tastiest cakes and cupcakes in town, and will soon be home to the Book Eddy, relocated from South Knoxville.

The Parlor

This garden is comprised of a roadside herb and cut flower garden and six large raised beds surrounding a ancient tree stump, with a walkway of antique bricks weaving among them. A blueberry hedge runs along the Western property line. The train tracks to the East are shielded by a trellis of raspberries and blackberries punctuated with asparagus, with a strawberry border. The garden currently supports the Parlor’s off-site catering operations. The historic grocery on the property is being renovated to house the cafe and a music shop offering sales, repairs, and lessons. The music shop is now complete and open by appointment.

Bonnaroo Victory Garden

For the past two summers Edible Revolution has had the pleasure of working with one of the most sustainable music festivals in the country to provide a demonstration garden that educates festival goers about the simplicity and joys of growing your own food. The garden is powered by compost collected onsite during the festival- over 30 tons in 2010! This year our friend Tom Sabo started the Bonnaroo Seed Savers Exchange with big goals ahead. By sending heirloom seeds home with festival attendees, and gathering seeds saved by returning music lovers and gardeners each year, we can promote biodiversity on a viral scale! Partners for the garden have included Gardener’s Supply Company,, Carbon Shredders, Blackberry Farm, The American Community Garden Association, Mockingbird Events, and more.

Home Gardens (photos to come!)

During the Summer of 2010 Edible Revolution designed, installed and/or managed nearly 20 food-producing gardens in the Knoxville area. Many of these are at private homes, ranging in scope from simple raised beds to an edible landscape for an entire property. We have the best clients ever, who love to compost, cook, play in their gardens, and learn new things. Each proud picture text of a harvest, shared recipe, or invite to stay for dinner from the garden makes us so grateful to be able to do the work that we do. Thank you!