Edible Revolution is based in Knoxville, TN. The first garden was conceived in the Spring of 2009 with the donation of a raised garden bed to a silent auction benefitting a friend’s medical expenses. The response to this gesture was so encouraging that we decided to start a business providing the resources, instruction, and helping hands needed to create food-producing spaces, at a fair price.

We believe that the existing food system must be radically changed in order to preserve the health of the environment, our local economies, and the people who live in them. Demanding policy change from our leaders on a national level will not stop big agribusiness from poisoning us, our lands and our waters. Real change means a decentralized food supply, springing from our cities and towns, farms and yards. This requires a lifestyle shift for each and every one of us.

To start, we must vote with our dollars in every transaction we make, becoming co-producers rather than mere consumers. In addition to supporting sustainable agriculture through farmers’ markets, locally-owned businesses and CSA’s, we must reconnect to the Earth, conserve precious recources, build community and ensure food security by re-learning the skills to grow and cook our own food.

Community gardens and yardshares, vegetable gardens and edible landscapes at homes, businesses, and on public lands- these are some ways in which we can reclaim our legacy to the land upon which we depend. Edible Revolution is committed to providing community-building, education, planning, design, installation and more for your edible garden needs.

Email  sarah(at)edible revolution(dot)com   or call Sarah Bush at 865-591-0710 for more info