Currently Accepting New Projects!

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Did you know that spinach planted in the Fall will taste richer and sweeter the following Spring? That now is the time to plant garlic? That you can plant winter cover crops to amend poor soil? The shorter days are no reason to slow down our progression toward food independence.

We can help keep your thumb a nice shade of green during the winter months: break ground or install your raised beds now and get a jump start on the 2011 season, or let us install a cold frame or hoop house to provide fresh produce through the winter.

During the “off season” we also offer Hardscaping, Edible and Native Landscaping, Composting Systems, Soil Remediation, Rainwater Catchment Systems and more to make your property more sustainable, beautiful and delicious.

For larger projects, now is the time to start planning. Don’t wait until Spring is just around the corner. Give us a call!

EmailĀ or call Sarah Bush at 865-387-5043 for more info

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