Setting Ourselves Up for Failure?

Posted: July 3rd, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: Comments Off

As the front-yard garden plans evolved, Edward expressed concerns  that we might be getting in over our heads. What about all of the hard work that it would take to break so much ground in virgin turf? Could we afford all of the equipment, seeds, seedlings, compost, mulch, etc. that is required in the first-year of a garden? Who would tend the garden when we went out of town? How expensive would our water bill become? What would we do with all that zucchini? All of these were valid questions, and Edward is nothing if not thorough. I on the other hand had glimpsed a vision of the future and could not let it go, and was willing to dive headfirst into the pit of overcommitment, dragging Edward with me. We could figure out the details later- sore muscles, outrageous utility bills, and squash-twenty-ways be damned!

These are no doubt problems that any partnership encounters when embarking on a new experience. There is always someone who is more dedicated (or foolhardy) in their approach than the other. The issue that we agreed upon is that we want to grow our own food for health, pleasure, and independence, but we have limited time and resources. How could we arrange for this garden to serve some of our food needs, allow us to learn and grow, push the envelope a little, and not drive our relationship into the fertile ground of our own ambition?

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