A Win-Win Proposition

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Luckily we didn’t have to debate the scope of our front-yard garden endeavor for long. Our friend Shores approached me a few days later wondering, “Did I know of a spot of land that he and a few others could grow a garden on?” But of course I did!

A few phone calls were made, and our yard-sharing garden gang held its first official meeting, or as Liz from hyperlocavore.com suggests, party, at our neighborhood taqueria. Over heirloom seed catalogs and carnitas, we hashed out our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year of growing our own food . . . together!

By the end of the evening we had formed the Garden Party (Independent), a small band of earnest, resourceful friends who love to cook and eat, and are damn tired of the industrial food system that is slowly killing us all. Some of us have gardening experience, most of us don’t. If you want, you can follow us this year as we experiment in growing and preserving a portion of our food supply right here in beautiful South Knoxville, Tennessee. Find out why we are doing this, what works and doesn’t work, read our recipes, send us your own gardening tips. Learn, laugh, and love the land with us.

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